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In recent years, DotOffice has been helping more and more customers to create valuable and specialist web platforms.

DotOffice helps you create valuable and time-saving web platforms and dashboards to make data accessible and insightful.

We guide you by looking together at current bottlenecks and functional wishes and possibilities to establish links between packages.

We map this out for you and result in an action plan and quotation.

When we get started, we have regular meetings with you to ensure that we continue to follow the right path.

We ensure that you can work in a test environment and contribute ideas during development, so that the entire work floor quickly gains support for this innovation.

Our developers have a lot of experience with current techniques for back-end and front-end and are very capable of thinking proactively and pointing out possible pitfalls.

We can transfer (parts of) processes for you to the cloud if desired, so that they are also accessible to your relations.